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History about my research into my Boole family tree.

My research into the Boole family tree history  commenced in 1998 when I asked my father about my grandfather Arthur Boole. He mentioned just enough to start me on this journey to fill in the missing pieces.

All I knew was his name and that Arthur Boole was born in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England. He had a very smart Uncle and that his cousin Ethel was an author.

This lead me to obtain a copy of Arthur's birth certificate from England and  his death certificate from Australia.

This allowed me a starting point to commence my research from.

When I first started my research into my ancestors I read a fascinating book on George Boole the mathematician, (George Boole his life and work – by Desmond MacHale in 1984).

I contacted Desmond MacHale a professor at the University College Cork, Ireland in 1999 and was able to gain helpful advice and directions to possible contacts.

Following this, in 1999 I was in contact with the Boole library in the University College Cork, Ireland and received help also from their Archivist Carol Quinn.

I also found that there is a library at the university called the "Boole Library" named in recognition of George Boole who once lectured at this university.

This then led to numerous letters and emails to source data, and my eventual success in contacting a cousin - James Hinton. James’s father Howard Hinton was very interested in family history research. I was able to locate in May 2000 family tree records donated by James Hinton to the University of Bristol of his late fathers research.

These donated papers contained numerous jottings of trees and one near complete tree of the descendants of Joshua & Bridget Boole, complied I assumed around 1964 by Gabrielle Boole.

Further information was received from the University of Cambridge relating to the Boole and Taylor families.

Following are extracts from letters received and articles in papers. 

In 1964 my husband the Reverend Robert H. P. Boole was taking a wedding in Grimsby (where he was Vicar) and the best man asked if he was any relation to George Boole. He then said that there was to be a ceremony in Lincoln to mark the centenary of the death of George Boole.

Robert went to this and met there Gabrielle Boole and some of her cousins. She in due course sent a family tree and came to stay with us twice. Robert took her to some country churches to look at registries. Gabrielle died last year but before that sent all her details of the Boole family to the Archives at Lincoln. When my husband died in Feb 1995 I passed all the Boole literature plus a portrait and the family bible on to his niece in London

from a letter I received from  Maureen Boole in  July 2000

In November 1964 the centenary year of the death of George Boole, was marked by events in Lincoln, organised by the local branch of the Mathematical Society and the Lincolnshire Local Historical Society, which included the unveiling of a plaque on 3 Pottergate where he ran his academy.

From Lincolnshire Life – January 2000

I have since been in contact with cousins in England, Canada, Australia and the United States of America.

I hope that by presenting the family information in this way, it will allow other descendants to more easily access family information for the benefit of all.

I would welcome any suggestions or comments.

I hope to add information on a regular basis.

University College Cork has made a available in 2014 access to the Boole Papers.

These can be viewed by selecting this link "BOOLE PAPERS"

Kevin Boole