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GEORGE BOOLE (1858- 1898)

George Boole - son of Charles

Charles and Millicent's eldest son George Boole, born in 1858, was named after George Boole the mathematician.  Charles’ plan for young George was for him to take over the management of the mine when he was qualified.  After studying at Kings College London, George was sent to study mining engineering at Merthyr Tydfil, in the heart of the Welsh mining industry.  He achieved his “Certificate of Competency and Service First Class” in February 1881, and by April he had a position as a Mining Engineer at nearby Treharris Mine.  He had been courting Kate Eliza Thomas of Cardiff, daughter of a well-off local brewer and innkeeper, and was clearly a man with very good prospects as a future manager of a mine. 


By 1881, all the children except Ellen and Millicent had left home.  Mary had gone to London and trained as a nurse.  Fanny had married Frederick Hamilton Jackson, an artist, and was living in Acton, west of London, with their three children.  George was in Merthyr, and Arthur had emigrated to New Zealand.  Charles had put his surplus earnings into buying shares in the colliery, and became a part owner, and now, at the age of 59, he had enough income from these shares to be able to retire.  He and Millicent decided to move to London to be near their daughters Mary and Fanny.  They bought a house in Penge, in South London, at 4 Bead View Villas on the Croydon Road.  Their daughters Ellen and Millicent moved there with them.  In April their future daughter-in-law Kate came to stay with them there.


In the meantime, until George finished his training, Charles appointed one Thomas Young Greene as Manager of Rainford Colliery.


George Boole and Kate Eliza Thomas married in Cardiff on 9 July 1881 and went to Ilfracombe for their honeymoon.  George was still working at Treharris Mine when Kate and his first child was born in 1882, a girl whom they named Dorothy Gwenllian.  By 1884, when Philip Arthur George was born, George was Mining Engineer at Treherbert Mine.  The name Arthur was probably given in honour or George’s only surviving brother.


Later that year George and Kate Eliza Boole and their two children moved to Lancashire, into Lodge Farm, and George took over the management of the Rainford colliery.  He was reputed to have been a very kind manager, and fair to his workers.  Kate Eliza and George had three more children while at Rainford:  Llewellyn in 1885, Rosemary in 1886 and John Otto in 1891. 


For fourteen years the family life at Rainford was happy.  The portrait of George Boole still hung on the wall, and it was invariably pointed out to visitors how much the young Llewellyn resembled him. In 1888 news came from George’s brother Arthur out in New Zealand, who had married.  He sent a photo of himself with his new wife Edith.


Millicent and Charles had by now moved to nearby Croydon, firstly at 8 Friends Road, and later at 47 Birdhurst Rise.  Charles’ daughter Ellen still lived with them, and she owned a very successful school in Croydon, which she ran until she became ill in 1906.  Charles’ other daughter Millicent trained as an artist in London, and worked as an illustrator of magazines and books. 


Charles and Millicent must have been proud of their son George’s success in running the mine at Rainford.  By 1898 the Rainford mine had been in Boole hands and operating successfully for thirty-three years.  Then came more tragedy for the Boole family.  On 4 April 1898, George died of pneumonia at the young age of thirty-nine, leaving Kate Eliza to care for the five children, the youngest of whom was seven years old.  Kate Eliza and her children left Rainford and moved to Penarth, near Cardiff, to be close to Kate Eliza's relatives.  



              Boole Home - "Lodge Farm", Bickerstaffe, England  C.1890s   




Phillip holding "Charlie" with siblings Llewellyn, Dorothy and Rosemary. C.1894


Llewellyn and his first bike. C.1894


Grandmother Millicent, Rosemary, Dorothy and Phillip with Grip. C.1894


Page courtesy of Boole descendant Michael McCrohan

Children of George Boole & Kate Eliza (Thomas)

Dorothy Boole 1882 - 1946

Philip Arthur George Boole 1884 - 1948

Llewellyn Boole 1885 - 1935

Rosemary Boole 1886 -

John Otto Boole 1891 - 1918